Solar or Wind Energy?

Which Should You Choose – Solar Or Wind Home Power?

There has lately been a debate between which power production is best between wind or solar. I would consider the production of electricity to be the greatest with the lowest cost to produce the energy. If someone wants to make a home powered unit to conserve electricity, this will give you several examples to check into when seeing what would be best for your home. First, let’s see how each one creates its energy.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is created by panels collecting sunlight and converting it into electricity. This happens by using photovoltaics or concentrating solar power. Concentrating solar energy deals with the sun’s energy boiling water and in return creates power through Stirling cycle engine to power a generator. The energy can then be held within a battery bank to use during the night or on cloudy days. Battery banks are a group of batteries wired together designed to charge and discharge at times of need.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is created by the rotation of blades which is then transferred into energy. The blades act as barriers to the wind and force the wind to rotate them. The power the wind creates to spin the blades is moved to the wind turbine’s shaft which is connected to the center of the rotor. The rotation of the blades makes the shaft spin and sends the energy into an electrical generator. That energy can then be stored in batteries also.

Choosing the Right Option

So which option would best fit your home? Analyzing all facts of set up cost, power produced, and long-term value, the wind turbine would be best if possible. There are several reasons for this conclusion. First, the initial cost to buy a wind turbine is less than purchasing the panels needed for your roof. There are several places to figure out how to make a homemade windmill, but one of the sources I found useful was this DIY home wind power website. Second, the energy can be collected at any time versus the solar panel is only when the sunlight is hitting the panels directly. Third, the value of having either one is going to be equal because of the energy costs you will save from creating your own energy. In getting the benefits for having your own power source, you will also be helping the world to be more eco-friendly. Both generate energy in a non-toxic way and aids in making a more eco-friendly energy source for the world