Fire and Water Damage

What is Fire Remediation?

It’s Not Just Fire Damage

When there’s a fire you have the fire the smoke, the soot and the water used to put out the fire to deal with. Fire remediation will include all the works required so that your home can be brought back to its former condition after a fire disaster.  Fires, even on a small scale, can greatly affect your house’s structure and appearance.  Your home which used to be your source of comfort and security will now be weakened and defaced.  Only a professional fire and water damage restoration company can do the proper restoration and fire remediation to bring back your home to its former condition.

The restoration company you will decide to hire can immediately do fire remediation which will include debris removal, water damage repairs, and restoration of the house structure as well as the items that can still be salvaged. This will leave you more time to attend to other important things such as filing insurance claims or buying the necessary replacement items for those items that can no longer be restored.

Factors to be Considered for Fire Remediation

When doing fire remediation, following are the factors you have to consider:

  • Listing down of all the items that can no longer be restored and have to be disposed of
  • Assessment of the  structural condition of the house
  • The extent of smoke and emission problems
  • The extent of water damage
  • Development of mold and mildew

All of these issues will be effectively addressed by the restoration company you will hire to restore your house and properties.

Typical Fire Remediation Services

Following are some of the basic remediation services rendered by professional fire restoration companies:

  • Removal of excess water and drying process
  • Cleaning of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system
  • Repairs that could include the house’s structure and façade
  • Debris removal

Debris removal will include the clearing out of objects that are no longer salvageable, which could be a lot.  Drying the house will include removal of excess water and completely drying it off with the use of industrial fans. Soot, ashes and smoke odor will permeate all existing nooks and crannies of your house including your HVAC systems.  These will not function properly unless they are thoroughly cleaned and some parts, such as the filters, replaced.  The major objective of fire remediation is the restoration your house and everything in it to its former condition the soonest possible time.  Some of the services are also outsourced by the restoration company doing the fire remediation service.

Through fire remediation services, you can look forward to going back to your restored home within a shorter period of time and without much physical aggravation on your part.  You must consider that this time can be both physically and emotionally exhausting for you and your family and do the restoration job yourself will not only prolong your agony, it might even cause further damage to whatever is left of your home and properties.  It would be best to get the services of a professional restoration company to do the job.  You can ask your insurance agent or a reputable fire remediation company to inquire about all services they can render.