Flood Damaged Vehicles

Flood Damaged Vehicles Coming to Market

How to Detect a Water/Flood Damaged Car?

With the recent Hurricanes and Flooding in the Houston and Texas coastal area, thousands of people suffered home and business water damage. In addition, ten to fifteen thousand vehicles of all sorts suffered flood damage and were written off as a total loss by Casualty Insurance Companies. Many of these vehicles will re-appear on used car lots across Texas and the rest of country.



If you are getting an incredible, fantastic deal of used car, there is a reasonable probability things may not be what they seem. Every year, thousands of cars and trucks get water damaged, and unscrupulous dealers still have success selling them at cheap rates. They do this by giving these water-damaged vehicles a cosmetic makeover, moving them to another area and selling them as bargains. The buyer looking to purchase a nice car probably doesn’t have the knowledge and experience to spot a vehicle that was damaged by a flood.

The Damage is Not Apparent to the Untrained Eye

In reality, the fact is these cars may not look defective from outside, but they bear irreparable damages inside. So, if you are planning to buy a used car, it is necessary to keep in mind some points to consider so you don’t

Some of The Ways To Detect a Water/Flood-Damaged Car:

  • Check the History: Look for the matching Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the title. If the title includes words like storm damage or salvage, then the vehicle has experienced flood damage or a wreck which resulted in a total loss.
  • Carefully Inspect the Interior of the Car: Search for signs of flood damage which includes rust on dashboard, mold, mildew, moisture and musty odor. Compare the upholstery of the vehicle with that of an undamaged car. Fading of carpet and brown rings on its surface is the sure sign of getting affected due to water.
  • Examine Under The Hood: Take the time to do a careful examination of the engine and electrical system present inside the car. Turn on the engine, air conditioner, wipers, and If they are not working correctly, then previous damage can be its reason.
  • Musty Odors: If the car is has a musty odor, then look for mold and mildew which can be the primary cause of this odor. Also if the vehicle has a strong smell of air freshener or scent, then it also indicates that the vehicle is treated with these so that the foul odor is masked.
  • Get Expert Help: You can also seek the help of a professional to inspect the car you are about to buy. Get the help of an expert mechanic who can check airbags, electric system, anti-lock brakes and transmission system.

These safety precautions before buying a used car can help protect you from any deception.